Art Auction / Fundraiser Dance for Baby Abe!

Amy and Andrew are having a Baby! Come celebrate, co-create and donate!

Sunday, April 10th 2:00-5:00pm @ Sticks and Stones Farm, Newtown

Majestic music collab between Amy Dubs, Jackie Rainbow and Divine Kyla. Drumming and sound healing by Andrew Prue. Art Auction facilitated by the wondrous Sarah Sage.

We will be auctioning off the collaborative paintings from past EF Events to raise $ for Baby Abe’s birth. Come get your favorite art piece and help Amy have the most divine birthing experience by supporting her Doula and Midwife fund.

100% of ticket and art sales goes straight to the Baby Abe fund:
Suggested donation for attending:
$20 – $20 Million 😉

Venmo: @amy-dubenetsky or Paypal:, Note: Ecstatic Baby Abe. You can also donate even if you can’t make it to the dance.

The total cost for the Doula and Midwife is $6400.

It is a lifelong dream to have a Home Birth and Amy and Andrew are deeply grateful for your contribution to help achieve this dream!

We look forward to dancing, playing and manifesting abundance with you!

Thank you ❤!


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