Grateful within Our Hearts

November 26, 12:30am to 5pm @ Sticks and Stones Farm, Newtown, CT

We’re excited to gather together on this magical land to celebrate and share our Gratitude with music, dancing, drumming and art.

This Dance is a Fundraiser Event for Wildflower Nation, an Indigenous led collective of teen parents.  Most of the music used in Ecstatic Dance has its roots in indigenous cultures from around the world.  As an expression of our gratitude, we are dedicating this dance to giving back to Indigenous families. Scroll down to read all about this collective.  We invite you to donate whether you are able to attend or not.  Sticks and Stones is donating the space and all the organizers are donating our time, so 100% of your donation will go directly to providing resources to families in need.

-Music curated by Jackie Rainbow

-Drumming with Andrew Prue

-Natural Painting Collab with Sarah Sage

-Gratitude Tree with Amy Mystic Spin


Arrival / Greetings 12:30pm

Opening circle 1:30

Dancing until we drop

Closing out with a Singing Circle.  Feel free to bring songs, prayers and snacks to share.

Suggested Donation if attending: $25-50, $5+ for kids (of course more is great, too!)

Please show us a screenshot of your donation or if you pay cash, we’ll donate for you.

Send payments to Venmo or Paypal, with #WildFlower in the Memo:

*Venmo @redrootcollective


(Redroot Collective is an Indigenous focused mutual aid collective, make sure to write #WildFlower in the memo)


*This is a family friendly, alcohol free event.

*Jackie will have herbal tinctures for “sale” to raise more $ for the cause.

*We would love a couple of volunteers to help us set up and we’re always so grateful to have your help breaking down at the end.  Thank you!

*We’ll have a fire to keep us warm – firewood is appreciated

We can’t wait to Dance with you!  Thank you for joining us to support a cause we care about.  WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU!


Wildflower Nation is an Indigenous led collective of teen parents from all demographics and stages of life working together to disrupt intergenerational trauma and survival cycles in the lives of our youngest community members through access to necessary (whole person) services & ongoing physical, spiritual and emotional supports.

The RedRoot Collective (a diverse community of Native led allies) currently works with its NGO partner Accomplis to support Wildflower fundraising for crisis response within communities made most vulnerable by colonial occupation, as well as plan for and provide the resources to meet programming needs for the benefit of the Wildflower community at large.

This includes

– The sacred right to choice and autonomy

– Prenatal supports

– Birth and postpartum care

– Parenting education & coaching

– Continued education support

– relational daycare and respite relief access

– The development of financial independence and security

– Safe housing and transportation achievement

– Community return training, opportunities to serve the generations that come next.

We have started looking at safe and flexible ways to extend our community supports to include a soft and intentional space for young community members to privately access all of the medicines this land has to offer specific to sacred choice for their own body & relationship with the land.

The goal is a well equipped camper trailer to be parked as needed in protected locations for community use, and provide private housing for birth, death and trauma workers when traveling to support young people & families navigating difficult things in remote areas.

If you would like to be a part of this long-term stability goal, donations can be made to either of links below marked #WildFlower and will be added to our slowly growing fund.



We are also still looking for ally aunties to help spearhead the mechanics of this project with price point research, and recruiting/organizing public support committed to driving fundraising.

If that sounds like something you would like to participate in making happen let us know at Att:Wildflower and we will get you connected to the people doing the things.



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